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custom designs

Your tank begins with a conversation. We will work together to understand your goals. We design your tank to fit your unique needs, your space, timeline and budget.  

  • MATERIALS: tanks can be constructed out of concrete, or all composite (fiberglass), or a combination of the two.

  • ELEVATION: can be constructed at different elevations. It is best to think of where the waterline is: It can be below the floor, so that spectators are looking a little bit down at the rowers, who are in a rowing cockpit recessed several feet into the floor; Princeton and Navy use this style. Or, the waterline could be about 40 inches above the floor. In this case the rowers are at or above eye level to spectators entering the room, and rowers have to take a few steps up into the cockpit.

    we do it all: carbon neutral. grid hybrid. solar hybrid.
    with increased technology overall, costs of higher efficiency options has decreased making superior high performance tank options in reach. tanks can run on a carbon neutral basis (annually) or entirely off the grid.

  • grid hybrid - if limited power is an issue, battery storage options are available

  • solar hybrid - The addition of solar cells allow batteries to be charged with zero or reduced grid power. 

  • off the grid - solar panel, battery and inverters systems can power boathouse lights too

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