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we build energy efficient rowing tanks. period.

With 25 years of learning under our belts, we use leading-edge technology to make clean and efficient rowing tanks.

Our tanks are all electric and average 120 horsepower (think prius) and range from 60-240 horsepower. Encouraging a cleaner power grid is beneficial for all. 

In contrast, diesel powered tanks run at about 400 horsepower (think 18-wheeler truck).

energy conservation - enter physics

Every watt that goes into your tank turns into heat. The electric motor used in the rowing tank serves a similar function as a furnace. The water in the tank acts as a thermal mass and absorbs heat. This results in an overall reduction in the cost of heating the building when used during heating season.


we can do it all:

carbon neutral tanks. grid hybrid tanks. solar hybrid tanks.

With increased technology overall, costs of higher efficiency options has decreased making superior high performance tank options in reach. Tanks can run on a carbon neutral basis (annually) or entirely off the grid.

grid hybrid - if limited power is an issue, battery storage options are available

solar hybrid - the addition of solar cells allow batteries to be charged with zero or reduced grid power

off the grid - solar panel, battery and inverters systems can power boathouse lights too

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